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My Work

Featured Projects

Southeast Asian Youth Conference

Redesigned and developed the conference website.

Tools & Techniques


Academic Opportunity Center

Designed the logo, redesigned the two brochures, redesigned and developed the website while maintained consistency throughout all visual presentations.

Tools & Techniques

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What I can do for you

I can do a lot, or little, depending on your needs.


Good design only looks pretty. Great design has a story behind it. Great design is strategic. Great design encourages viewers to interact. I strive to create no less that great design to reflect your vision and its meaning. By understanding your purpose and your target audience, I can create a design that anticipates your audience’s curiosity and wants. Below are design services I offer:

Binder Designs
Business Packages
Photo Retouchs
Print Ads
Web design


In order to create great design and develop effective websites that rank high in search engines, one needs to understand how the web works, why people use it and how they use it. Pretty much the definition of user experience, or UX. With the determination to help people reach other like-minded people over the internet, I integrated the online marketing principles into my design and codes. When you work with me, you are certain to receive quality work that you can use as a communication tool to reach your audience.

I offer front-end and some back-end web developing services. Front-end web developing focuses on the presentation of the website. Back-end web developing is heavier handed, such as with databases and security. My focus is solely on creating and presenting your websites and databases (if applicable) in a visually attractive form.

A little info on me

Overall, I am a silly person who loves to joke.

My name is Jan Simmala and I am currently residing in Milwaukee, WI. I developed passion for storytelling through illustration since a young age and became interested in building websites during high school. With every design, whether web, print, logos, or paintings, I always try to guide a viewers’ eyes through a story. In college my infatuation for strategic design led me to pick up online marketing tactics and back-end programing in order to yield higher ranks in search engines, to learn more about dynamic web development and database management. All of these allow me to build effective and efficient websites.

Other than designing and programing, I enjoy painting and outdoor activities, such as hiking and rafting.

How I work

Jan Simmala First I research and gather your project’s objectives, audience, preferences, market, competitors (if applicable) and information for presentation.

Jan Simmala Then I create rough sketches, transfer them in presentable formats and present to you a few variations of the design projecting your vision.

Jan Simmala You will get to review and make changes to the design. I will also explain to you why I present things a certain way and answer your questions to your satisfaction. For web design and development, we will discuss navigation, prototype and finalize the design before I drive into coding.

Jan Simmala I then make changes to the design according to your critic. When I am done programming and the website looks as complete as possible, I will present to you a working website for your review before it goes live.

Jan Simmala The design is finalized, you will get the final version in pdf format. For the website, maintaining and updating the website is just as important as launching one. Thus, I provide maintenance service for at least one year or as indicated in our discussion.

Tools & Techniques

   Adobe Illustrator

   Adobe InDesign

   Adobe Photoshop

   Adobe Dreamweaver


   CSS / CSS3


   Microsoft ASP.NET MVC 4

   Microsoft SQL Server

   Microsoft VS for Web


I received my post-secondary education at University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee. I spent three years in the Graphic Design program before switching to Business to earn two bachelor degrees, one in Information Technology Management (ITM) and one in Supply Chain and Operations Management (SCOM).

Well, I guess that was not so little. To stay up-to-date with me regarding web design/development and online marketing, follow me on twitter at JanSimmala. (If you like short clever quotes, that’s another reason to follow me :] ) Another way to stay in touch through is through Linkedin. If you are bored and want to read about my design tips, please feel free to read my blog.

Wondering what I used to make this interactive portfolio? I used everything listed under the "Tools & Techniques" section :)

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